Are We Dead Yet?

by Starlight Drive

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released March 25, 2011

Starlight Drive is the work of DC indie songwriter Jared Featherstone in collaboration with several similarly afflicted friends. The songs are contemplative and sometimes dark, but always seem to have a hopeful thread holding everything together. Acoustic guitars are balanced by the atmosphere of subtle keyboards and backing vocals. A practicing fiction writer, Featherstone brings a literary element to the lyrics, weaving in images and ideas that provoke thought without weighing down the songs.

Reviews by press and fans have compared Starlight Drive to Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, My Bloody Valentine, Death Cab for Cutie, Red House Painters, Pernice Brothers, Slowdive, and Iron and Wine.

Featherstone was one of the founders of long-running D.C. shoegaze/powerdrone band Zoothead, who was signed to D.C.’s hip DeepReverb Records in 1996, releasing two full-length CDs and a 7-inch single. He also played with Davis White (Lorelei) in the Alice Despard Group.

More recently, he played with D.C. heroes Washington Social Club, who had songs placed on HBO, ABC, and the CW. With the Social Club, he performed at festivals like South by Southwest and CMJ and with bands like Klaxons, All American Rejects, Georgie James, Matthew Sweet, Donnie Hue and the Colors, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, and Interpol.

After spending over decade making music in the nation’s capitol, Featherstone continues to develop as an indie singer/songwriter in Staunton, VA.



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Starlight Drive Staunton, Virginia

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Track Name: Poster Girl
poster girl

hey, can you hear me?
i’m the girl inside your head
the one you compare the others to

i’ve got long, blond hair
blue bedroom stare
and a body that i clipped
from a magazine

now there is something
i should tell you, boy,
about why you’re so unhappy
it’s that who you want and who you have
are never the same girl

so i think you should stay with me
and stop your restless searching
because i’m right here in your brain
and i get lonely when you look away,
hunting through crowded aisles and checkout lines
burning up and losing time
to this sad longing you hide
it’s keeping us apart
your foolish flaming heart
Track Name: Well Wishing

You have gone
Away to the place
Where you don’t mind
That my care for you has run out

No more stinging bellies
No more insomnia
Or walking around
Wondering what happened

I liked you better
When you were sick and dying
The nights of fevered dreams
Ripping at the seams
For me. Curse my selfish schemes.

I have gone
Away to the place
Where I don’t mind
That your care for me has run out

But I can’t seem to reconcile
The you that I knew
With the one that hides
From me, unwilling
To see someone you want

I want to wish you well.

I’m getting tired
Of breaking down
And building up
You can see
What it’s done
To me, so close
The door and keep it shut.

I was so sick to the touch
But the fever is down.
It was only a matter of time
Before it fell.

I want to wish you well, baby
But I can’t.